sub urbia 2008

This 2008 series of digital photographs was first exhibited in the group exhibition REPRESENT at Fresh Gallery Otara, Manukau City (April/May 2008). Each image measures 420mm x 594mm.

Container Park, Mangere East

Sold Here, Papatoetoe

South Care, Papatoetoe

Open containers, Mangere East

Nuku’alofa Motors, Papatoetoe

Mangere East

Consumers Viti Mart, Papatoetoe

Dawn, Otara

Follow Me To The Factory, Otara

Moon Cake Vietnamese Gourmet Restaurant, East Tamaki Road

Dumping, Mangere East

Lafi Motors, Papatoetoe

Container Park, Mangere East

Artist Statement
sub urbia 2008
I left my family in Suva, Fiji when I moved to South Auckland in 2002. As a new migrant, I have documented my landscape. Early New Zealand landscape painters depicted the beauty and majesty of an ‘untouched’ land. This series of urban landscapes aims to depict a series of mini narratives about migration and movement, consumerism and health, religion, economy and wealth.

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