2010 Manukau Pacific Arts Summit

I’m so, so proud to be holding the 2010 Manukau Pacific Arts Summit for the first time. It has been a long time coming, but a stellar programme has been developed targetting different facets of the Pacific arts community in Manukau and further throughout the Auckland region.

A full events summary is now available on the Manukau City Council website and beautiful poster brochures will be available at Arts Centre, Libraries, Citizen Advice Bureaus (CABs) around Manukau from next week.

Project Manager, Brett Stirling is doing an excellent job and I can’t wait til May!!

Fiji Artists visit for CELEBRATE PASIFIKA

  Daren, Arthur & Tarisi
Visiting Fiji artists Craig Marlow & Lambert Ho, whose work is now on display at O’Kaioceanikart Gallery, Auckland 

Recycled Plastic flowers by Craig Marlow
Recycled plastic bottle flowers made by Craig Marlow at O’Kaioceanikart Gallery, Auckland 

As well as Craig Marlow and Lambert Ho, travelling with the Pacific Arts Alliance this band performed in the Fiji Village at the annual Pasifika Festival in Central Auckland, New Zealand (Saturday 8 March 2008), part of the annual Auckland City Council Celebrate Pasifika festival.