Experimental Artwork

textile assemblage experimentation (2009)

news paper (2008) 


 Dreamtime Pasvali Street drawing (2008)

Auckland (2007)

Otara (2007) marker pen on canvas 

Acrylic on masi 

Pacific Art! (2006)
Manukau City Council Art Collection


From What’s Going On joint exhibition with Leilani Kake at Fresh Gallery Otara, October 2006.

Lucky Kiwi (2006) acrylic on canvas

Club paintings (2006)

Contrary Mary (2006)

Indian ink, acrylic paint, canvas



This was a series of drawings made for an exhibition at Botany Downs, South Auckland in 2005.

Thanking You (2005)

Cotton, embroidery thread, plastic tiki


Club Attack (2005)

Newspaper, paper


Objectified Black Woman from “The Fix” (2005)

Aerosol paint on cupboard door


Woman Re[move]d (2005)

Cotton, embroidery thread, canvas


Civil Unrest Suva 2000 (2003)

Video installation

Read about this work


Coup Studies (2003)



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