Death is Inevitable (2008)

Janet and I went to Wellington for the re-opening of the City Gallery with an amazing huge exhibition by Yayoi Kusama, and in the small but present Deane Gallery, a solo exhibition by Ngaahina Hohoia.. fabulous.

We dressed in full colour!

Dawson Road Mural Project

Affirming and empowering South Auckland voices, the Dawson Road Mural Project invites artists to respond to the voices and interests of those who use the space. Dawson Road is in the suburb of Otara, in the heart of South Auckland. The population of Otara is almost 70% Polynesian and 20% Maori; the local secondary school, Tangaroa College is 43% Samoan and approximately 40% of the community is under 20 years of age. The aim of this strongly participatory community arts initiative is to develop a striking public artwork that ignites pride and enriches a sense of ownership of the park and local area.

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Curated by Ema Tavola // Talk Week // 26-29 May 2009

What’s this all about?
I’m a postgraduate student at the School of Art and Design developing my visual arts practise in curatorship; using other peoples’ work to create collective statements about Pacific-ness. I work with Pacific artists mostly. I’m interested in Pacific art being accessible to wide audiences.

Why have I chosen these artists?
They are fierce, clever, confronting and skilled.
It’s a tasty mix of gender, power/struggle, popular culture and cleverness.
These three artists are reflective of social / political / economical / spiritual / cultural traits of Pacific people living in urban New Zealand.

Why these locations?
They’re public and somewhat relevant.

Anything else?
I work with Pacific artists mostly, because I’m interested in what contemporary Pacific art says about modern Pacific island realities. I’m interested in public feedback.

Ema Tavola
May 2009


1) Creative Industries Research Institute window, 34 St Paul Street // Angela Tiatia
2) Bennett’s Bookshop window, AUT Hikuwai Plaza // Allen Vili
3) Rectangle Box, Governor Fitzroy Place // Siliga Setoga

SEE (2008) // Angela Tiatia
Creative Industries Research Institution window // 34 St Paul Street

This work was first exhibited in Pan Pacific Nation at The Arts at Marks Garage, Honolulu, Hawai’i in March 2009. The silent, slow-motion single shot video reflects on issues of gender politics, power and struggle, and fish as symbolic of the centrality of the ocean for Pacific islanders.

Angela Tiatia is an Auckland-based Samoan performance video installation artist currently studying at AUT Art and Design.

See (2008)
Single channel DVD, duration 3.28 mins
Angela Tiatia

BEBO WHITEBOARD ART VOLUME 1 (2006)  // Allen Vili aka Onesian
Single channel DVD, duration 10 mins
Bennett’s Bookshop window // AUT Hikuwai Plaza

This video documents the making of whiteboard drawings using the FFART flash interface on Bebo.com.

Allen Vili is a south Auckland-based Samoan / Māori graphic designer behind the Onesian brand of Bebo skins, t-shirt design and custom-made hoodies.

Rectangle Box // Governor Fitzroy Place

This work was first exhibited in Pan Pacific Nation at The Arts at Marks Garage, Honolulu, Hawai’i in March 2009.

Siliga Setoga is an Auckland-based Samoan graphic designer behind the streetwear label Popo Hardwear, available at the Otara market.

Pan Pacific Brand – Landscapes + Portaits (2009)
Series of 24 prints on Kodak photo paper
Siliga Setoga