Unknown waters

It’s day three of my new self-employment. There have been a few quiet panic attacks… What is my purpose? What if I run out of things to do between 9am to 6pm? What if something happens at Fresh? What if people forget me? …but in general, I feel at peace with my decision. And I feel a great affinity with this work by Thomas Howes who I follow on Flickr.

I wrote a piece for the current issue of Metro magazine, which I’ve enjoyed seeing in print. It was about my perspective on whether Auckland is a Pacific city. In line with my current addiction to Twitter, I asked my followers for insights into the topic. The responses were varied and intriguing. I didn’t get to acknowledge Fijian journalist and friend Ariela Zibiah in my piece, but I am deeply grateful for her responses to my Twitter enquiries.

Next month the exhibition Home AKL opens at Auckland Art Gallery. I’m doing a talk along with Assistant Curator, Julia Waite on Sunday 15 July from 3-4pm. I’m also speaking on a panel discussing Why Pacific art now? on Sunday 19 August. There are lots of workshops, activities and talks planned for Home AKLcheck out the Facebook page for updates.

I bought a whiteboard. It is full of projects and tasks. I’m quite busy, for someone who is technically unemployed.

This has been an unusual week, dreaming about work and conflict, the ocean and snakes. I’m going to start making some art this weekend.

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