Inside a curator’s bag…

My colleague Nigel Borell is a fellow curator and the co-editor of SOUTH. His man bag is always by his side. Every now and then I’ve picked it up and marveled at how heavy it is. This is what this curator has with him at all times: Work phone, personal phone (iPhone), camera, rain jacket, unchecked Lotto tickets, 5 USB memory sticks, keys, 2 McDonald’s plastic spoons, business cards, breath mints, hair product, coin purse, sunblock, 4 pens and green highlighter, New Zealand passport, meds, lint brush, name tags, a badge that says Wakey Wakey Wakey, miniature Givenchy cologne, exhibition and event paraphernalia (for days), a watch, sunglass case, sunglass lens cleaner, miniature screwdriver set, hair ties, lip balm, moisteriser, headphones, a David Dallas CD… and a wallet.

Woahh… 😀

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