MUD at Fresh Gallery Otara

Wellington-based computer programmer and artist, Douglas Bagnall is currently showing at Fresh Gallery Otara in South Auckland. MUD is a 2-channel video installation in a darkened room.

It’s a trip.

With almost 3000 characters, the work includes imagery of women and men, fish and other sea creatures, birds, riots, satellites, planes, worms… nuns, old Hollywood movie stars… and much, much more! No two moments are the same; the work is a six week epic!

In the room, the projections are on opposite walls. There’s a bench seat in the middle to sit and be surrounded by the work. It has been hugely popular with Fresh Gallery Otara’s significant youth audience.

It’s a quiet, calming experience to sit with this work.

MUD is proudly part of the 2011 Southside Arts Festival (14 October – 6 November) and runs until Saturday 26 November.

Follow Fresh Gallery Otara on Twitter: @Fresh274

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