Summit Time…

The 2011 South Auckland Pacific Arts Summit is my biggest project in the year. It’s a programme of events built around Fresh Gallery Otara’s anniversary in May. This year’s Summit is PACKED full of Pacific art excellence! Running from 4 May – 4 June, the Summit runs straight into Matariki Festival which means two solid mid-winter months in South Auckland are dedicated to celebrating indigenous culture and creativity. Too good!!

This year’s poster has been developed by The Kitchen Media – I love it. Interested in hearing thoughts. Partially, Gary Lee’s beautiful solo exhibition, gorgeousness, that celebrates Fresh Gallery Otara’s 5th anniversary was the inspiration, as well as the highly visible and popular culture of Polynesian tattooing in South Auckland.

The Summit’s blog site is an informal channel for information about artists and events, photos, videos and interviews. Formal programme information should be available on the Auckland Council website in the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Summit Time…

  1. Your blog is awesome. I’ve been following you since moving over here to France, for my Pacific updates. If you get a chance to watch this documentary about the South Pacific islands, I think you’d love it. It’s just so photographic and enlightening, and reminds us of what a beautiful, special, unique place we come from.

    Anyway, keep up the blog!!!

  2. 😉 Thanks for the tweet. No worries, your blog is awesome! 😉

    Thanks for writing to me, glad you enjoyed the photos.

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