Talanoa : Ema Tavola (via Urban Viti)

Thank you Dulcie 🙂

Talanoa : Ema Tavola Ema Tavola, is a visual artist and curator of Fijian and New Zealand Pakeha ancestry, currently living in Manukau City, New Zealand. She is the  Pacific Arts Co-ordinator at Fresh Gallery Otara in Manukau. Ema is passionate about contemporary Pacific art and Manukau City. And you can feel this passion and dedication through her work at Fresh Gallery Otara and her web presence as a blogger and on Twitter and Flickr – she facilitates the exchange o … Read More

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The Sea and Me

I just got a beasty new tattoo. It was very, very painful and/but I love it. Thank you, Fred Raph. Niiiiice work.

I love the poem, To A Young Artist In Contemplation (for allan) by Sia Figiel… this is an exert:

and when no one else listens
and when no one else understands you
go back to the sea
and scream
(in silence)
and the mana of salt
will heal
over and over
as you begin y(our) journey
and again
and again…

Ngā Hau E Whā – The Four Winds ONLINE

Norman Edgerton, Ema Tavola, Douglas Bagnall and Leilani Kake

Leilani Kake’s 2011 solo exhibition, Ngā Hau E Whā – The Four Winds is a project I’m very proud to be part of. Creating this work and curating the exhibition was a massive team effort. It opened on March 3 and runs until 16 April at Fresh Gallery Otara, South Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand.

I just started a blog for the exhibition here: http://ngahauewha.wordpress.com

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Mana Takatāpui: Taera Tāne

I traveled to Wellington with artist Tanu Gago for the opening of Mana Takatāpui: Taera Tāne curated by Reuben Friend for Deane Gallery, City Gallery Wellington. The group exhibition features Tanu’s work alongside Fear Brampton, Richard Kereopa, Dan Taulapapa McMullin and Hoteera Riri. Programmed to coincide with the Wellington Outgames, the exhibition opened in January and runs until late March.

“This work is concerned with the construction of masculine identities among young urban Pacific gay males, exploring notions of visibility, character play, performance, sexuality and gender stereotype.” – Tanu Gago

The series of four A1 size photographs was produced in South Auckland and shot by Indo-Fijian photographer, Vinesh Kumaran under the artistic direction from Tanu Gago. The series is inspired by a poem by Dan Taulapapa McMullin, which is presented alongside the work. Tanu was able to produce this work with the assistance of a grant from the Pacific Arts Committee of Creative New Zealand.

Tanu will be in Wellington on Friday 18 March for, Open City – Out in the Gallery, a special public programme event for the Wellington Outgames that features performances by Richard Kereopa, poetry by Dan Taulapapa McMullin and lots more.

Photos from Mana Takatāpui: Taera Tāne

Photos documenting the making of the work

FMC VXN at Fresh Gallery Otara!

South Auckland’s FMC VXN is performing at Fresh Gallery Otara for the region-wide Auckland Arts Festival WHITE NIGHT programme this Saturday 12 March from 9pm onwards!

The evening starts with Leilani Kake’s artist talk, discussing her brand new work, Ngā Hau E Whā – The Four Winds from 6.30pm onwards.

FMC VXN was announced last week as the supreme winner of HUSTLE IT FRESH, a talent quest televised on TVNZ’s new hit Pacific youth programme, FRESH.

This will be FMC VXN’s FIRST gig since the announcement, right here on her home ground!

Fresh Gallery Otara presents WHITE NIGHT is a free event taking place at Fresh Gallery Otara, 5/46 Fairmall, Otara Town Centre, South Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand.

6pm – Midnight, Saturday 12 March