The making of BIG LEGS (2009)

I made this drawing into a large scale textile installation for BLOOD + BONE, my first solo exhibition in December 2009. It was installed hanging from the first floor balcony of the St Kevins Arcade atrium on Karangahape Road in central Auckland.

Made from 10 ounce canvas duck, the work hands at around 4.5 meters long and approximately 2.4 meters wide. Black outlines were created through hemming the edges with a tight black zig-zag stitch. Detail of the jandal / flip-flops was created through machine sewn applique of black cotton commonly used in Cook Islands tivaevae quilt making, sourced from Fare Pareu in Otahuhu, south Auckland.

BIG LEGS (2009) is a self portrait.

The work is made to be viewed from the front primarily – it is not lined so the back has exposed stitching and drafting lines.

The work was attached with bulldog clips to a length of rope tied to the supports of the bannisters surrounding the atrium first floor balcony. Hanging down from the first floor to the ground floor, the work moved in the breeze and was visible from Karangahape Road.

Thank you to Leilani Kake and Luisa Tora for their support, feedback, time and energy in helping me to install the work.

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