My father, Kaliopate Tavola, has established a blog platform to communicate issues, history and developments with our village – Dravuni, located in the northern part of the Kadavu group of the Fiji Islands. He is new to blogging, but I’m happy that a kaidravuni (someone from Dravuni) can provide a first hand Dravuni insight into our island and history.



Mereia, BLOOD + BONE series 2009 // Permanant marker on high visibility polyester vest

Luisa Tora with her portrait vest.

Very happy to have held my first solo exhibition // Photo by Luisa Tora.

Thank you so much Luisa, Leilani, Kesa and Kenneth, Melissa and Claire, Filani, Favaux, Carmel, ‘Ava, Marilyn, Le’ua, Ina, Ioka and Saolo, Lorna and Samantha, Linda T, Sam and Janet, Tanu, Czarina, Jim, Ioane, Nicole, Lorraine, Wiremu, David, Maila, Giles, Siliga and Luisa, Tessa L and Tessa K… vinaka vakalevu.

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