black-centricity and blog hopping

DJ Dimples // Queen of the Turntables // Miami

I got a pile of withdrawn magazines from the Otara Library, amongst them were Hype Hair and Black Beat. Its refreshing to read black-centric perspectives, even if they are on hair straightening, Lil Mama and what you should wear to the prom. From Black Beat‘s section of emerging rap artists, I started a new relationship with MySpace and found DJ Dimples, who I love.

Somehow I found myself on this blog, Fly profiling a Fly Girl of the Week, where I found Sheena Says… remarks from a perpetual wanderer… which reminded me of the local fly girl Coco Solid, Philoso-Flygirl who profiles Babes, a recent babe being her awesome sister Kyla, who started a blog for her Room 8 class at Tamaki Primary School

Parallel Dance Ensemble’s single “Weight Watchers” feat. Coco Solid and Bobbi Soxx. Ism Records.

Then felt inspired to contribute to the Flickr group, What I Wore Today (Drawings Only!)