Pan Pacific Nation (3-28 March) Honolulu, Hawaii

PAN PACIFIC NATION is a new exhibition of contemporary Pacific art running from March 3rd to March 28th at the Arts at Marks Garage, 1159 Nu’uanu Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Artists include: Maile Andrade, Leanne Lupelele Clayton, Noelle Kahanu, Leilani Kake, Lily Laita, Janet Lilo, Carl Pao, Siliga David Setoga, Ema Tavola, Angela Tiatia and Filipe Tohi

Inspired by King David Kalakaua’s vision of a Federation of Pacific Island nations, the participating artists respond to the complexities, contradictions and power dynamics at stake in the notion of a “pan pacific.” Their pieces ask what it means to think about the affinities and unities of Oceania. What did it mean in 1885 when Kalakaua initiated his call for a Pacific Island Federation? What did it mean in 1976, when Albert Wendt called for a “New Oceania” in the journal Mana, or when ‘Epeli Hau’ofa wrote “Our Sea of Islands” in 1994?

What does it mean, given our current political, economic, environmental and cultural seascape, at the present moment? The pieces included in the show offer multilayered responses; they celebrate a continued and hopeful identification of Pacific Island peoples that share a strong genealogical history and geographic kinship, while also offering ambivalent considerations that uncover the subtle and specific localized histories involved in any strategic collective social identification.

Special Events:

Panel Discussion: Urban Pacific Art in Aotearoa New Zealand
Mark’s Garage, March 4th, 6pm
The panel includes Ema Tavola, Leilani Kake and Giles Peterson

Ema Tavola, Leilani Kake and Giles Peterson are visiting from South Auckland, New Zealand. Ema Tavola is a visual artist and curator at Fresh Gallery Otara working as the Pacific Arts Coordinator for Manukau City Council. Leilani Kake is an independent artist and Giles Peterson lectures at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design.

Representing for the southside

First Friday Opening on March 6th: Dance Performance
Marcus Quiniones, will present the final solo dance of his autobiographical production “Circle Around the Island.” Playwright/director/performer Marcus Quiniones delves into his childhood memories of Moloka’i. Circle Around the Island is a tale of self-discovery told through the communion of mystical companions, family guardians, and Hawaiian music and movement inspired by hula.

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