MEAT & LOLLIES opening this week

MEAT & LOLLIES curated by Janet Lilo & Ema Tavola
Featuring: Antonio Filipo, Leilani Kake, Sean Kerrigan, Mele Penitani, Genevieve Pini, Siliga David Setoga
Exhibition Opening: 6-8pm, Thursday 30 October
Exhibition dates: 31 October – 22 November

Push/Pull, Attraction/Repulsion… Good and Evil: Meat & Lollies…

The concept of juxtaposition was fundamental in the thinking behind MEAT & LOLLIES, drawing on ‘opposing forces’: push/pull; good/bad; positive/negative, it began as a discussion about the socio-political and psychological issues surrounding the economics of obesity. It has culminated in a busy, engaging and multi-disciplinary exhibition that illustrates a broad and diverse interpretative landscape about migration and consumption, migration and adaption, life-death-and-after-life…. sexuality and acceptance, body and skin.

The artists have come together to create a site specific exhibition for Fresh Gallery Otara and the inaugural Manukau Festival of Arts: it is über fresh, ultra relevant and super cool. Manukau is so hot right now.

Genevieve Pini’s sweeeet meat photographic series explores flesh and skin, marking and manipulation. Sean Kerrigan brings scale and sculpture, craftsmanship and Pākehā pop stylings. Mele Penitani’s video installation is a disjointed conversation about Tongan transgenderism, acceptance and discrimination. Antonio Filipo is a Tokelauan graphic designer who is flirting with vegetarianism but finding it hard to dislocate his Polynesian culinary sensibilities. Siliga Setoga draws on health and wealth, linguistics and Samoa New Zealand cultural transformation. And it is an honour to create the space for Leilani Kake’s poignant homage to her late father, Richard Kake.

The exhibition MEAT & LOLLIES has been an exercise of interpretation, a little bit risky but ultimately delicious.


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