Brown About Town

Pita McIntyre solo exhibition opening, McCarthy Gallery, Parnell, Auckland
Saturday 6 September

Fono McCarthy (McCarthy Gallery) & Pita McIntyre

Style Pasifika After Party, The Arena Bistro, Auckland
Friday 5 September

Suzanne Tamaki & Iosefa Enari

Tutina Pasene, Tamati Coffey, Ema Tavola & Suzanne Tamaki

Shigeyuki Kihara & Levani Vosasi

Tutina Pasene & Suzanne Tamaki with friend

Natalie Robertson & Levani Vosasi

Glen Jackson & Levani Vosasi

Shigeyuki Kihara & Niwhai Tupaea @ Khuja Lounge

Skin Graft exhibition opening, Fresh Gallery Otara, Manukau
Thursday 4 September

Marilyn Kohlhase (O’Kaioceanikart) & Gina Cole (Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust)

Hilary Scothorn (Pacific Arts Association), Filipe Tohi & Suzanne Tamaki

Exhibiting artist, Nathan Suniula with his mother in front of his work

Tutina Pasene & Brett Stirling (Manukau Film Festival)

Carmel Sepuloni (Labour Party), Suzanne Tamaki, Tutina Pasene & ‘Ana Pahulu

Exhibiting artist, Sale Pepe with Janet Lilo

Cerisse Palalagi & Suzanne Tamaki

Loretta Young, Sale Pepe, Janet Lilo & Nathan Suniula

Ema Tavola, Schaeffer Lemalu, Sale Pepe, Marilyn Kohlhase & Nathan Suniula

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