For Sale @ Fresh Gallery Otara

Custom made display case by Sean Kerrigan
This new display case was custom made for Fresh Gallery Otara by Otara-based visual artist Sean Kerrigan.

Fresh Gallery Otara stocks unique and beautifully made locally produced artwork, homeware and T-shirts including:

* T-shirts by Onesian & Chris Lologa ($30)
* Limited edition T-shirts by Shigeyuki Kihara & Terry Koloamatangi Klavenes (from $60 ea)
* Small works by Cerisse Palalagi, Hera Johns, Yazma Smith (from $50)
* Ceramic tiles, mugs & platters by Falaniko Pini & Vanessa Wynyard (assorted prices)
* DVDs by Kila Kokonut Krew Entertainment ($30 ea)
* Sculptural works by John Ioane & Glenda Vilisoni ($100 ea)
* Selected books and puzzles from The Book Hut ($10-$40)
* Urban Pacific catalogues ($10 ea)
* Hand-made plastic lei by Luse Nemani (from $10)
* Hand-made Cook Island flowers (for the hair or ear) (from $15 ea)
* Greeting cards and gift tags by Design Island Ltd (6-packs from $7)
* Toi Iho registered Resin Hei Tiki by Rangi Kipa ($240 ea)

For sales enquiries, contact Ema Tavola on (09) 274 6400 or

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