Tarisi rocks the Museum!


Fantastic Kadavu Fijian Tarisi Vunidilo, Fiji’s first female archeologist, is doing another series of public lectures this winter at Auckland War Memorial Museum. Her past lectures on Fijian pre-history have packed the Apec Room, invigorating Fijians and all Pacific people with excitement and pride for our region, cultures and lives here in New Zealand.

 Vinaka Tarisi, can’t wait!!

The Significance of Tapa to the Pacific Community: Lecture and Demonstration
Saturday 30 June, 3.30pm APEC room
Fijian Tapa or Masi is an amazing material made of paper mulberry. Its uses, functions, colour and designs have intrigued many. This lecture will explain the significance of this prized material aims to deepen understanding of the relationship between Pacific islands in the past and today. Also, “How to take care of your tapa” by Auckland Museum Senior Conservator, Julie Gresson, who will advise on how to take care of your tapa at home, as well as a fabric making session using tapa designs, by a group of Fijian women based in Auckland.

The Meanings Behind Tattooing Designs in the Pacific
Saturday 28 July, 3pm
APEC room
Tattooing is an art that has made its way back to our modern society, after being banned by the early missionaries throughout the Pacific in the 1800s. Come along and hear some fascinating stories on the meanings behind these intricate body designs and adornment.

The Role of Pottery in Prehistoric Fiji
Saturday 25 Augusut, 3pm
APEC room
Archeologists have uncovered remnants of ceramic pottery on old village sites in the Pacific. In Fiji, various types of pottery have pointed to different times of human habitation in the last three thousand years. Come and view various pottery with interesting designs and hear how archeologists have uncovered the key to different times when early Fijians inhabited key village sites. Tarisi will be signing her new book The Story of Lapita Pottery, at the end of the session. 

For more information, visit the Auckland Museum website or www.FijiTuwawa.com  

Entry to Auckland Museum by Koha/Donation


One thought on “Tarisi rocks the Museum!

  1. hey i have an inquiry about fijian tattooing?? does anyone or any lady in fiji still practise traditional tattooing????? can you please send me information on this and rituals of tattooing!!



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