Urban Pacific

Niu (2006) Taylor King, painted MDF, 240×480 mm

 Urban Pacific was an exhibition at the Randolph Street Gallery in Newton, Auckland. Curated by Giles Peterson, Urban Pacific was a cross-disciplinary exhibition of painting, digital photography, moving image, sculpture, weaving and textile, installation, fashion, and tattoo by twelve young, contemporary Maori & Pacific artists: Kiwi Biddle, Donna Campbell, Quinton Carrington, Matt Dowman, Anita Jacobsen, Marlaina Key, Taylor Kingi, Nanette Lela’ulu, Lina Marsh, Marlon Rivers, Lusia Samuela and Siliga David Setoga.

“The exhibition celebrates the vision of our young people and their ongoing contribution in shaping Auckland’s character as a Pacific city. The exhibition also looks at ‘Urban Pacific Style’ (street style Poly-fashion/body art, music and visual arts) and the impact this phenomenon has had on the local and global stage.” – Giles Peterson

Part of the AK07 Auckland Festival.

I spoke in the Public Programme on Saturday 7 April, thanks to those who came!

Urban Pacific Public Programme

For exhibition photos and information, see www.urbanpacific.co.nz


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