Niu Work

Niu tattoos on me and Sam, still healing…

January 2007


The Red Pencil

Located on Toorak Road, Suva City, The Red Pencil is a newly opened gallery/showroom run by Christian Carling (pictured) of Design Island Fiji Ltd and Jason Chute, who freelances in video production.

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Design Island Fiji Ltd


Have just returned from my village, Dravuni, the northern most inhabited island in the Kadavu group of the Fiji Islands.

The family house is called Natavasara, where my father was born and raised. 

Now my cousin Vuate and his partner Ili live at Natavasara, having moved there from Suva in 1997 after the death of our Tutu Maciu.

New years eve was spent at church…

Hanging out playing vidividi, rami, and massaging sore muscles…

Cooking and eating…

And walking up to the highest point on Dravuni to watch the sun set on 2006…

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